CANCER: A Modern-day Thing…

In the eighties, cancer and degenerative diseases were so rare that one could believe it was a curse. Then people thought they were rich people disease as they tend to affect rich people. Nowadays these diseases no longer discriminate and attack everyone. Men and women, rich and poor, young and old can develop the diseases. If almost everyone can now get diagnosed with cancer, then it means that we all do the same thing or share similar behavior. This behavior leads to degenerative diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and more.
Cigarettes are cancerogenic
Plane spraying crops with pesticide
Pesticides are cancerogenic

Which behavior condemns us to go through all this pain and suffer?

If we can answer this question then we are not far from a solution.
The modern diet is full of processed food and manufactured products with ingredients that we can’t pronounce. Even when one chooses to cook, the ingredients are grown with chemicals and fertilizers that over time lead to sickness. The “dirty dozen” is a great example of those slow killers. Most of our meat comes from chain-fed animals. Farmers treat them with antibiotics and hormones to help them grow fast. A decade ago, they were feeding cows with other animals(dead animals) flesh, which led to the mad cow disease.
Some doctors choose to follow multinationals money game. They recommend drugs and food like cow milk and dairy products that are not always good for the human body. Healthier alternatives are not as lucrative. New technology (cell phone, microwave oven, wireless internet, GPS, etc.) bring changes that make our everyday life much easier. This does not happen without consequences. They expose us daily to radiation and waves that contribute to weakening our body and its ability to heal itself. The daily stress of modern life is not left out; whatever the problem or situation, the resulting stress is harmful to our health.


Studies show that all the causes listed above tend to make our inner pH (Potential of Hydrogen) more acidic. This forces our blood to get essential minerals from our bones and organs. As result, bones and organs get weaker as they lose their effectiveness in the functions they fulfill. Bones, for example, become more fragile causing osteoporosis. In the same way, many other weakened organs slowly shut down leading to degenerative diseases. Our immune system gets weaker and can no longer fight the various viral attacks.
We observe the radical results of these physiological changes every day through our sufferings and those of our loved ones. It is no longer a matter of age since newborns also get to deal with similar troubles.

The right approach:

Unfortunately, conventional medicine focuses on the symptoms rather than seeking the root cause of all these disorders Observations show that some diets or consumption of certain minerals acts as miracle cures for many diseases. Researchers show that the common thread of all these foods and minerals is that they restore the internal pH of our body within the natural limits where it should be: Slightly alkaline, allowing various organs to function at their best.
What are these foods and minerals that allow our body to function optimally? According to testimonies, people were able to cure their cancer or slow the evolution of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. We will further elaborate on those supplements in a future post.