Drinking alkaline water

Alkaline water is gaining in popularity every day and there are advocates on either side; some supporting its benefits and others rejecting it. Both parties come up with strong arguments as to why you should try it or why you should not. From my personal experience, I stopped blindly believing in what people tell me unless I try it myself or I know someone I can trust who tried it so I can witness the results. I suggest you do the same as only around 10% of the information we see on the internet is actually verified; so 80 to 90 % of that information is either false or not verified. Others will just call it “fake news”. So the best way is to try stuff for yourself as long as there is no potential threat to your health. So if you chose to try it, where can you buy alkaline water?

A Quick Note about Alkaline Water

I covered alkaline water in a previous post. Especially High Alkaline water which according to experts in the domain gives your body a quick burst of alkalinity that then triggers your body to produce its own alkalinity.

High alkaline water

Alkaline water is water with some well-chosen minerals in it that cause the pH of that water to be above 7. If a solution’s pH is below 7, the solution is said to be acidic; at 7, it is said to be neutral; most tap water pH is around 7. When the pH of the solution is above 7, the solution is said to be alkaline. Alkaline water benefits was first discovered by Japanese scientists and brought into the US market by Koreans. Today we can find alkaline water made by ionizers, homemade and also bottle alkaline water sold on the market by different companies.

pH Health Scale

Why do people drink alkaline water

The hype around alkaline water comes from the promise that with an overall alkaline body pH comes great health. So the hope is to raise one’s body pH as according to a German scientist in the nineteen-thirties who actually won the Nobel Prize, no cancerous cell can survive in an alkaline environment. In the contrary, cancerous cells thrive in acidic environment. There is a whole list of benefits according people that believe in the power of alkaline water. According to them, adding alkaline water regularly to your diet would deliver the following health benefits:

  • Immune System Support
  • Cancer Resistance
  • Malaria Resistance
  • Better lipid and fatty-acid metabolism
  • Better glycemic control
  • Better blood pressure regulation
  • Smoother blood circulation
  • Access to energy reserve
  • Fight osteoporosis
  • And many more…

What do alkaline water opponents say?

Well, most people using alkaline water are looking for an alternative way to stay healthy; in other words they are more on the alternative or complementary medicine side, rather that the conventional medicine side. This being said, you understand that most people fighting alkaline water will be supporter of the conventional medicine. Their major argument is that the body manages to keep your body’s pH with a certain limit which is between 7.35 and 7.45 and any major variation of this limit could cause damaging health issues or even death and there is no need to add anything as the body is already doing a great job.

While their statement is only partially true, what they fail to say is that alkalinity does not just appear; it takes minerals to make a solution alkaline. The pH of any solution depends on the minerals in presence. The human body is designed to maintain a very specific pH in order to keep us alive; if we don’t eat mineral sources, our body gets it from our bones(made of calcium), organs and tissues and as a result, bones tissues and organs degenerate and slowly lose the ability to perform their task. This results into osteoporosis, diabetes and more.


Where to buy Alkaline water

Nowadays, it is easier to buy alkaline water compared to a few years ago. As it gains in popularity, it makes financially sense for investors to put their funds to work for manufacturing alkaline water. Several grocery stores as well as online stores sell alkaline water along with other specialty bottle waters. They carry different brands with the major difference being the pH level and the mineral mixture of each one. Those with pH greater than 9 are identified as “High alkaline water” and only very few manufacturer make “High Alkaline Water”; the most known being Essentia, Evamor, Cleanshield and Balance 7.

Balance 7 and Cleanshield which are the alkaline water with the highest pH (measured at 11.2) on the market are produced by a small company with a big heart known as Algone LLC. These stars in the world of alkaline water can be purchased at www.balance7.com.

B7 and Cleanshield

Grocery stores like Walmart or Costco and online stores such as amazon also sell machines known as alkaline water ionizers that would turn your tap water into ionized alkaline water. They also sell portable bottle that they claim would help turn your water into alkaline water on the go. I have to say that I am very skeptical about this claim.

Stores like Home depot sell alkaline water pitcher such as the Santevia one.

I cannot name them all but if you google it, you will find a whole list of places both online and brick and mortar stores where you can buy bottled alkaline water as well as machines you can hook up to your tap water to alkalize it.


That time is over where people would accept and believe everything coming from their doctor. The internet has made broad knowledge available to the mass and people educate themselves on various aspects of their life, especially when it comes to their health. My personal recommendation would be to keep an open and critical mind and challenge everything. Now you know where to buy alkaline water. Whether you choose to try bottled alkaline water sold in stores or online, whether you choose to buy one of those systems that you hook up to your tap water or to buy a pitcher like the Santevia from Home Depot, I recommend you try it and experience for yourself. I personally know someone who swears by it and claims that alkaline water healed her cancer. I also know many other cases and testimonies found online. They cannot all be fake! I use it myself and I can see the benefits on my family and myself, but don’t take my word for it. It won’t cause any harm to try.