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For English version of this post, please click here 5 SIGNES QUE VOTRE pH INTERNE EST ACIDE: COMMENT LE MESURER ET PREVENIR L’ACIDOSE Le pH sanguin devrait toujours être légèrement alcalin, à savoir entre 7,36 et 7,45. Il peut cependant parfois avoir des changements dans l’organisme qui rendent ce pH acide dus
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Digestive Tract pH

Balanced Body pH

Cliquez ici pour la version en Francais MAINTAIN A BALANCED BODY Ph TO LIVE CANCER FREE As you may already know, it is crucial for your overall health to maintain

Acidity:5 obvious signs

Pour la version en Francais de cet article, veuillez clickez ici 5 SIGNS YOUR INTERNAL pH IS ACIDIC: HOW TO MEASURE IT AND PREVENT ACIDOSIS The human blood’s pH should always be slightly alkaline. Yet, there can sometimes be a change in this pH; this can happen from eating more acid forming foods
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Plane spraying crops with pesticide

Why do we get cancer

CANCER: A Modern-day Thing… In the eighties, cancer and degenerative diseases were so rare that one could believe it was a curse. Then people thought they were rich people disease