The hype around alkaline water is getting industrial very creative. They will come up with all sort of creativity around the subject just to make money. While some of their ideas around the topic of the moment are great, some are sometimes just ridiculous. I am not trying to say whether it is good or bad just yet to invest in a portable alkaline water bottle, all I say is that as a general rule, you should always think twice or even three times before you invest in any derivatives around some high news topic as most of the time crooks and unscrupulous people will try to surf the wave of the moment and get you to buy things convincing you of the extraordinary value added. Unfortunately, there are always people falling for that, so in this article, we are going to take a closer look at those so-called “Portable Alkaline Water bottle” and see if they really deliver what they promise.

What are Portable Alkaline Water Bottle

For the last few years, we have seen more and more of such bottles on shelves, whether online or in-store advertising that you could be making your alkaline water while on the go. They are basically saying if you cannot take you ionizing alkaline water system with you, then you can buy a bottle that will allow you to make alkaline water while you are away from home. Such bottles come in all form and shapes and they are usually not cheap. You find them either made of stainless steel or transparent plastic and the part of the system that is supposed to turn any water, tap or filtered into alkaline water or ionized alkaline water is usually a cartridge that can be either loose in the bottle or attached to the bottle or the lid and contains the minerals and filters that would do the job.

They are available from several companies such as BLUEQQ, Alkamate, AOK, just to name a few. The central cartridge in the BLUEQQ bottle, for example, is full of the following minerals for both filtering and alkalizing the water: Zn-Ion, Silver activated Carbon, Calcium, FIR, Antioxidant Pi, Silver Antibacterial, Catalyst MgO and sophoricoside. Their prices vary between $25US and $100US. They claim that the water when flowing through the different minerals get filtered and its pH gets raised thus making it alkaline.

Why Would You Need a Portable Alkaline Water Bottle

Some people have realized that there is a potential, when someone is going away, for a jogging or bike ride, especially those that rely on alkaline or ionizing water system hooked up at home, to be in need of their alkaline water. So they came up with these new products trying or hoping to grab that market share as well. Some supermarket, convenience stores or gas stations even offer prepackaged ionized alkaline water bottle that you can buy when you stop for gas or prepare for their trip. I cannot see any other reason why you would want to simplify this process with no real guaranty of the results.

Without any complex testing, I can already tell you that ionized water does not stay ionized passed 48h after the ions have been released into the water. The water just goes back to what it was before the process. Maybe with some slight alkalinity depending on how long the water was in contact with the minerals; but whether the true health benefits are going to be identical compared to a well-prepared alkaline water is very doubtful in my opinion.

The reasons why you would need to take your alkaline water with you are legitimate. However, the solution provided by a portable alkaline water bottle is questionable.

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Do Portable Alkaline Water Bottle really work

Now, this is the million dollar question. Do they really work? the debate is still open. In the meantime, the bottles are selling. As you know, the human mind is very strong and powerful. The placebo effect does not happen only in the hospital and if whoever is drinking water from those portable alkaline water bottle is convinced that it is working and believe they can see the results, who are we to say otherwise right? However, there are different opinions on the subject, everyone trying to pull potential buyers to their side. For instance, those making expensive alkaline water bottle with the central cartridge containing minerals will criticize those selling prepackaged alkaline water in stores and gas stations and vice versa. The user in the middle is usually confused and end up just picking anything that they actually may not even need except as a… water bottle. I tend to believe that there are other options available that would surely do a better job. High alkaline water, for instance, can keep their minerals and pH levels for months. They are sold in prepackaged bottles in stores and online. You don’t need a lot of it, you have Evamor, Essentia, Balance7, and CleanShield, just to name a few and their pH level is above 9, with Balance7 and CleanShield having the highest pH at 11.2. Another solution could be pH drops that you could take with you and add to your water following provided instructions.

Portable Alkaline Water Solutions

How Safe are Portable Alkaline Water BottleBPA Free bottle

In my opinion, unless the water in the bottle gets contaminated, the worse that can happen to it is that it may just go back to being regular water. So if there is any safety concern associated with this product, it would most likely come from the bottle itself. Most portable alkaline water bottle available on the market today are made of plastic. Some are made from stainless steel.

So the question becomes how clean are the bottles before they are used? Are they washed with detergent and clean water before each use? Otherwise, they may carry bacterias that will make you sick.

The second risk factor is the type of plastic used in the bottles manufacturing process. We’ve all heard of BPA; this is a polycarbonate called bisphenol A. Most if not all older plastic bottles used to be made of this monomer that was getting released into the water as the bottle got heated or repeatedly washed. The new regulation now requires plastic bottle manufacturers to only make BPA free plastic bottle and label it on the bottle itself. So make sure the plastic bottle you use says BPA free on it.


I hope I could share enough information that can help you make an informed decision when it comes to having your alkaline water with you while you are away. I use high alkaline water myself but I don’t think I will be buying one of these portable alkaline water bottles. My personal choice would go to either have a thoroughly cleaned bottle where I can pour some of my high alkaline water or just have alkalizing pH drops that I can add to my water. And if not sure, just drink plain water until you return home, that will still be very beneficial to your overall health.