Homemade alkaline water

If you are reading this article, you are most likely doing your homework of researching the truth about alkaline water. Kuddo to you! That is the right thing to do. Do not let anyone fool you about what this or that can or cannot do because at the end of the day, it is your health which is at stakes.

The reason I decided to write about the “Nonsense about alkaline water” is to share my ideas as to why some people are really fighting the idea that alkaline water can help improve your health.

Natural vs Chemical

Natural vs chemical

First, you need to know that the pharmaceutical industry and its chemical drugs is very young in the history of humanity. The drugs and medicine used to be all natural. It is undeniable that all the money poured in pharmaceutical industry as well as all the scientific and technological discoveries have help modern medicine in the great progress that we all witness every day. However, all these great achievements come with side effects that are not always disclosed until it is too late; especially when taking chemically manufactured drugs. On the other hand, natural drugs tend to create less side effects and addiction, which is why, more and more people turn to nature. You can see it with people using Turmeric as an antioxidant or medical Marijuana to treat their back pain or arthritis. In the same way, alkaline water or even just baking powder in water has proven to help fight many diseases including cancer according to many people I talked to but also from a personal experience.

Why do they fight alkaline water

They are actually not fighting alkaline water; what they fight is anything they cannot patent and make money out of. Whenever a new natural molecule is proven to give good results on a particular disease, what they usually do is first attempting to synthesize the molecule so they can replicate it and then patent it. If they are successful, they’re happy. They make money and heal people, even when the side effects of the chemically manufactured drug could endanger the patient’s health. It turns into war when they cannot synthesize the molecule so they will do whatever it takes to kill the other party. They will pay professional writers or researchers from universities that they fund to fight the idea unofficially just to create the confusion in people mind. If a medical doctor choose to recommend natural drugs, he or she is usually threatened and could even lose his or her license. It is hard and expensive to fight “Big Pharma”. The fight they put against alkaline water, they put the same fight for any other natural drug but people are getting more aware and are making the right decision for their health.

What should you do

Confused: Alkaline or not?

Well, given the above, people are confused as to what they should do. The internet has help put information out there for those who want to look for it. Be cautious as the internet bears more fake information than good ones. So,

  • Do not trust the first article you read on a topic.
  • Do not trust an article just because it is written by a university professor.
  • Do not trust an article just because it is written by a doctor.
  • Do not even trust what I am telling you right now. If you can read this, then you are smart enough to read several articles from different sources to find the truth for yourself and your loved ones. I am not going to tell you what is good or what is bad because even I could be trying to stir you in a certain direction.
  • The people you should trust should be those who have no gain in recommending you a natural product
  • Between chemical and natural, for treating the same disease, always go NATURAL
  • Do not hesitate to try natural drugs that have proven results on health issues you are facing
  • The key is in educating yourself

Is alkaline water really nonsense?

True or false

My answer to this is that alkaline water does have a positive effect on health. I am not saying this because I am a doctor; I am not a doctor but I use alkaline water on a monthly basis; I decided to use alkaline water after it successfully cured my aunt cancer, whose doctors said she only had a few months to live. This is my position and I am not going to force it onto you. All I can tell you is to try it out. Preferably try a high alkaline water, any water with pH greater than 9. there aren’t too many out there, so you should be able to find some. High alkaline water addresses many health issues; if you browse through my website you can find a list of health problems that you can cure using alkaline water. And if you are on a limited budget, I have an article that actually tells you how to make alkaline water at home on a tight budget. Doctor Tulio Simoncini actually wrote a book that covers the use of baking soda for treating various forms of cancer.


In conclusion, stay aware and regain control of your health by making smart choices. By making natural choices as the nature provides for us everything we need to stay healthy if we know what to look for. Wild animals don’t need vets; and the few that get sick are usually due to human interaction and most of the time, they know exactly which herb to chew to regain their health. Let’s not get fooled by sounding academic titles as those tend to think that if they cannot prove it in a lab, then it is not true.