The buzz around acidosis, alkaline diet, alkaline water and anything related to internal body pH levels has developed all kind of derivative around the subject. Conventional medicine may not want to recognize the benefits of alkaline water as successfully experimented by Japanese scientists after the second world war but facts keep piling up and more studies tend to confirm what the Japanese and millions of users are claiming every day when it comes to using alkaline water as a health-improving water supplement. This post aims to bring some light on one very important of those derivatives which is Alkaline Water Cooking. There are so many ways you can take advantage of alkaline water in your cooking process.

A few words on alkaline water

Without going into too much detail, alkaline water is water with a pH level above 7. Alkaline water with pH between 8 and 9 is the one widely available in grocery stores and online. With a pH above 9, alkaline water is identified as high alkaline water. You don’t find many on the market and the bottled alkaline water with the highest pH on the market is Balance 7 with 11.2 and a proprietary mixture of all natural minerals. You can get alkaline water from different methods.

  • Adding baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) to water
  • connecting expensive alkaline water ionizers to your faucet
  • Using ionizing water filters
  • With reverse osmosis water filters connected to your home water system
  • Making it at home using Home recipes involving baking soda
  • Buying bottled alkaline water at a store or online
  • Or naturally when groundwater goes through alkalizing minerals in the earth

    Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Balance7 Alkaline Water

Benefits of alkaline water in cooking process

We already know about the many health benefits from adding alkaline water or high alkaline water to our regular diet, now we are going to discover another way this miracle supplement can help us stay healthy. This goes from food preparation, cooking or making drinks such as smoothies.

For food preparation, alkaline water would help clean any residual pesticide or chemicals and maintain freshness from produces or fruits as well as tenderize any meat that gets soaked into it. It also helps improve food texture, look and alkalinity.

eggs in water
eggs in water
Meat in alkaline water
Meat in alkaline water







For the actual cooking, using alkaline water was found to help most ingredients keep their nutrients, maintain their flavor and sometimes even enhance the flavor as it is the case when used for cooking rice, pasta, grains, stews or soups. Some people even report that if soaked in alkaline water before boiling, eggs tend to peel easier.

cook pasta in alkaline water
cooking pasta in alkaline water

For making beverages, chefs and barmen say they notice a big improvement of natural flavor using or adding slightly alkaline water for smoothies, coffee, tea or other cold beverages. This little trick allows you to use fewer ingredients.

Spinach alkaline smoothie
Spinach alkaline smoothie

For baking, replacing regular water with alkaline water adds a raising agent that acts with acidic elements presents in the ingredients to produce carbon dioxide which gives the baked good additional fluffier look.

Wheat bran alkaline pancakes
Wheat bran alkaline pancakes

Which alkaline water is best for cooking

As previously stated, alkaline water is a solution with alkalizing minerals, usually calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc, and a pH above 7. While the result is always alkaline water, the only difference is in the process, the minerals and the actual pH level. So you could use any of the alkaline water resulting from one of the processes mentioned above in your cooking process. However, it is recommended for best results, to use high alkaline water (pH 9.5 and above) such as Essentia water, Evamor or better, Balance7 with a pH of 11.2. These are all bottled alkaline water. This does not mean that only bottled alkaline water should be used; the other processes as well can produce high alkaline water. The only downside is the price tag that comes with those devices. But at the end of the day, people have personal preferences and no matter how your alkaline water is made, high alkaline water added to your cooking process will get you extraordinary results.


This other great benefits of alkaline water is definitely one that we should all adopt as it further helps alkalize the body for a better health while helping our dishes and beverages taste great.