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The human blood’s pH should always be slightly alkaline. Yet, there can sometimes be a change in this pH; this can happen from eating more acid forming foods that tend to upset the pH. Some foods that would lower the pH of your body thus increase your inner acidity include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol,
  • Eggs,
  • Grains etc.

Now you know why Doctors are against eating eggs more than twice a day or drinking too much alcohol. People use Foods such as alkaline vegetables to neutralize acidic pH in a natural way. The internal pH of the body is very important for one’s health. Even a slight change in the internal environment could cause the body to malfunction. A slight increase or decrease in our pH levels could make us susceptible to many infectious and/or degenerative diseases.

pH spectrum with foods and their pH
pH spectrum with common foods and beverages


Here are five signs that your body is acidic:

  • Fatigued even after enough sleep or low energy level. As one of the major symptoms, it is likely one of the first sign to appear as even after getting rest, you remain tired.
  • Joint pain: This is most likely to be experienced around the knee and hinges of the hand.
  • Difficulty in focusing due to the imbalance in the body (homeostasis). It becomes difficult to concentrate as you’re at risk of getting an infection.
  • Your neck most times feel stiff: Neck becomes stiff after a while from a drop in pH of the blood or internal body.
  • Dryness of the skin regardless of the weather condition. Skin becomes dry even in a moist condition.

Having these symptoms could mean a drop in pH level of the internal environment. But, this depends on the signs that you experience. A better way to confirm this is by measuring the pH of the body. This can be carried out in two ways using litmus paper or pH test strips.

After confirming the pH of the body, the next step will be to normalize this change if required.


The first and preferred is the morning urine. The second method is using a fresh saliva sample. Both methods involve getting the pH strips in contact with the secretion and observing the color change.

To prevent a drop in the pH of the body, you can:

  • Drink lots of water: Well we all know water as diluent.
  • Avoid excessive sweet food
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners: sweeteners such as saccharine tend to be acidic.
  • Eat lots of alkaline forming foods.

Adhering to these recommendations could help balance the internal pH of your body. A balanced body pH helps prevent acidosis, which occurs due to a decrease in the body’s pH. The kidney and the lungs play a big role in regulating our internal pH but, our nutrition can also influence it. Cutting back on the amount of some acid forming foods is a good life hack. For instance, orange is good for replenishing vitamin B in the body but at the same time, it is also acidic. Overconsumption could be deleterious to the body system. The easiest way to remedy body acidity is by drinking alkaline water. Most come with a pH between 8.0 and 9, but for best and faster result it is recommended to use alkaline water with pH greater than 10.